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New Moons, Numerology & More: Everything You Need To Know About Spirituality In 2019

According to numerology, 2019 will bring on a wave of good luck.  In numerology, the study of how numbers help shape our destiny, the year 2019 adds up to 2+0+1+9=12. 1+2=3. A 3 year hints at a wave of luck coming our way, as the number often brings positive opportunity and nudges good things toward the horizon. The energy of the year is "Seize the day." When opportunity knocks, run with it. Greet challenges as opportunity to learn, grow, and expand. If you're curious to dive deeper into this practice, you can also calculate your personal year number for 2019 using the digits in your birthday. That'll give you more clues about how you, specifically, should be navigating the fortuitous year...

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